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Dear Listener, Fellow traveler,


You are invited to dive into an experience of sound and sensate feeling.  

What you will hear and feel arose spontaneously through six people for two days of healing sessions, completely immersed in the field of love.  This healing event held, and continues to hold, the intention of healing the human heart and the heart of humanity.


These recordings are live improvisation, authentic unfolding in relationship to what was happening in the room at that time.  The breathing and back "noises" are a part of the healing that occurred.  The spoken words are poems that were intuitively chosen in the moment, creating with the music, a synergistic effect and an enhancement to the healing process.


The instruments – the Chakra Overtone Drums, Silver flutes, and piano, are tuned to frequencies that resonate naturally and organically in the human body.  As such, they evoke emotions, sensations, and movement.  As you listen, open to sounds washing over you and moving through you, and allow the wisdom of the body to respond to the healing frequencies transmitted.

This transmission can be used in many ways - in personal, professional, group, or ceremonial settings,  as a support in your personal meditation, as a healing tool, and as a background for guided visualizations.  Simply let your heart lead the way to make use of what is offered here.  Enjoy the journey.


This sound experience is a transmission of love – channeled through the heart field for the purpose of healing.  From each of us and us as one heart, we most sincerely offer these recordings in service of all life and in the name of love.

We would like to thank our families,  Urs Limacher Koechlin, our Spirit of Ubuntu community,

BonaFide studio, Grant and Joanna Armstrong for lending the piano, and all of those beings (seen and unseen) who have held, supported, and guided us along the way.

Taking part in this recording:

Hidai Liberman

Katie Zahn

Leila Forsythe

Rob Ungar

Sherry Pae 

Yadin Kaplansky 

Artwork by Sherry Pae 2017 ©​

For more information about our projects and those who participated in this recording please visit


The Poetry Of Vocare

by Rob Ungar



Why walk, when it is easier to stop.

Why move when it is easier to sleep.

Why fly when it is easier to drown in sorrow.

Why, why say why when the mind is eaten by itself, a ravenous beast that never sleeps devouring life from within.

The universe speaks of the moment that is precious beyond beliefs that seek to divide.

Believing the story of the pain that livers within us more important than the acknowledgement of magic in a single breath.

The beauty in a tear or the wonder in a child's laugh.

This is the story that is the herald of the new humanity.

The wisdom of an ancient strength handed down by those who hide within the mist of enchantment laid down brick upon brick by the truth sayers of earlier times.

We reveal this now, for it is our time to dance in the eyes of the storm and lay waste to the death of life that flows from the position of righteous indifference.

Sing for your hearts desire for the sleeper has awakened and the gift that is within us the candlelight shared in common bond.  one with what is standing as a pyramid planted connecting the earth to the sky.

Rob Ungar ©


Wisdom of Belonging

In wisdom of belonging ​open to possibility.

Reaching into the unknown, the unknown reaches back.

Dreaming our dreams awake.

Self responsible to self, and to the group.

Spinning in the biology.

Wisdom in the spheres .

Eyes in the night.

Weeping beyond intervention.

Sighing of the time spent in seclusion.

Reaching for our divinity.

Speaking our truth, searching for eternity.


Silence is the gold within.

Mine it fiercely.  For it is your birthright, your rebirthing, and your birth into a  new world.

Rich with wonder, joy, resolution and wisdom.

Rob Ungar ©

A Project Called Life

In the darkness, there is a space that confines, a spot, a piece of self that defines us grabbing at the nothingness and crying "Help me".

Help me, though there is on-one there to listen, except the silence of the spheres, which although pulsating with all life, is hidden from the watcher who spirals in illusion.

The pain of "what if?" the thought murdering the body in each moment, constricting the life force that feeds the soul.

What is the pain?  the wounding that sits seemingly forever under all things.

It is the belief, the fixation of the "I", mutated away from natural beingness, restricted yet all powerful.

Terrified of hearing an answer that all hope is lost.  without realising the truth, healing and wisdom of what is hidden in plain sight.

I want to hide, leave, to  understand.  change the nothingness that doesn't seem to bring my craving mind that future that i want.

This place is too much, there is no before, there is no after, there is nothing, where am "i"?

The ego grasps and turning inward in an attempt to survive is devoured by the spirit, and you rest.

The total depth in the place beyond the mind's comprehension, where there is no separation and yet the separation to the raging  mind appears ultimate.

The mind always speaks.  in its capacity to survive, it manipulates the stream of natural energy that is the flow to keep you from your birthright.

Tap into that stream and you will be forever reborn in your youthful spark, the energy of core releasing gently into the place that opens as you let go go the need to hold on.  in surrender.

Surrendering the need to be anything than what you are right now.  all that is present is enough.  the future yet unwritten, but affected in your ability to connect with the divine and follow that which pleases you and bring this present in every moment.

Rob Ungar ©


Being the Change

Trapped by the walls of change.

I muse in forever thinking whether freedom will ever be mine.

I see the future and in the moment forget wether freedom is my hearts desire.

The trap shuts without hesitation at the centre of a thought storm turning on itself forever.

Where is the light that dawns the movement to connect with the divine.

Out of reach a different universe with stars glowing aplenty beyond the fire of an ego eating itself.


Help me to my higher self a hand reaches down and leads a child battered by the storm into a doorway blinded by the future and fearful of a next step.

Walking on razor blades with no shoes to protect the path.

the shower of light like arrows cutting into a skin rubbed red by guilt and self inflicted judgement the burning sensation washes away all sense of hope.


Trust in your heart my child the process of evolution and change is never ending. 

It was darwin that said that change is forever and those who change the victors.

Be the change that you need in your own world for none may speak  of your choices for they come from within.


Truth of who you are will reveal itself in the joy of revolution and like the openeing of a new book full of promise at the story to be told.

Rob Ungar ©

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