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Recently my family moved to Germany from London.  I took a big pause from the practice in order to practically take care of my family in the transition.  And as I come back into it, I implement a few changes if you were a prior client returning: like fixed payment, and payment directly to Leila Magdalen Ltd's account.  


The nature surrounding me is calling my attention to a reduced speed, to simplicity.  My senses acutely tuned to an energy exchange with my enivronment that is very soul nourishing.  Something about this land is asking something more of me.  And it will greatly influence me as I begin to re-open the practice.  I have come to know that healing is a dynamic flow and unitive in nature.  I follow that flow where-ever it takes me, and however it redefines itself, dissolves itself, dissapears itself, evolves itself. The healing nature is fluid, interconnected and multidimensional.  What I knew about healing over ten years ago, when I began the practice, has gone through evolution after evolution after what I offer as "healer," as a healing session, is an unfolding sense of presence with whatever it is that is ready to come forth in our sitting...the journey we make together is as deep as we dare and as fruitful as we are ready. 

We sit, we presence what is here.  I take us deeper and wider and open the field to become and make conscious of what more there is to presence.  And when we feel we have been able to get a sense of what we are sitting for, we get quiet and open up for an energetic exchange to support your field, body, soul, and that which is interconnected to you consciously in that moment.  This might happen online or in person, hands on or hands off.  After sitting in this quiet, giving and receiving what has come, I share my experience and you share yours.  It is then in between sessions, where this begins to integrate into life, and that the "work" happens.  When you are ready for the next session, we continue and go deeper.  It truly is a journey, and it truly is a unique relationship of deep connection, which offers discovery and possibilty for our lives. 

If you have any questions please email me, and if you would like to book a session please fill out the client form pushing the button just below.  


Payment Options:

healing session (90 min)= 80£, bip session (60 min) = 60£


1.  Paypal



2.  Direct Wire Transfer:


3.  Pay in Crypto!  

If you have a crypto wallet, simply scan the chosen QR code for your preferred crypto:

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“Ever since I met Leila back in Munich she has helped me to turn my life into the right direction.  It is difficult to put into words what can happen in one session with Leila and how it unfolds afterwards.  She has the gift to work on many different levels and share her immense knowledge in various fields with her clients.  
I love to have sessions with Leila, because she is fast in understanding all the topics I bring up, has a great sense of humor, has so much love and patience for what is and then supports you to transform yourself into whatever you wish to become.  I am so grateful to have met her and hope she will accompany through many more developments in my life.”

Johanna from Hamburg, Germany Feb. 6, 2022

healing into art

A small portion of the transmissions from the healings I capture in artwork...this shop is always evolving!

Sound of Vocare - Vocare 2.jpg

Did you know I co-created this?


Check out this sound experience ... lay back with some headphones or good speakers and press play:)

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