healing practice

unleash your life force

i'm offering a sacred journey of personal and transpersonal healing sessions through a practice of hands on healing.  


my adult life has been dedicated to a deep study and exploration of the biology of our human body, what it is to be human in the expanded sense: from our immediate psyche to the furthest dimensions that make up our unique human experience, and how our experience of what brings meaning to this human experience is nourished through authentic community.


i have sat for many-Many formal and informal sessions of personal and transpersonal evolution with the teachers that arrive in my life and that will always continue.  i have a deep knowing and respect for what it is to be held by another in my seeking the truth of my life. the sacred vesica that is formed when two people sit together for healing and evolution is a space of incredible alchemy.  to offer, in kind, this sacred space to you has profound meaning to me.  whether you might experience one session or desire to truly dive deeply into the experience of coming to experience, know and embody a multidimensional life; i am happy to journey with you with all i have come to know.  the sessions will go deeper and deeper as our relationship and ground of trust establishes itself.  

in a session you can expect for us to sit and discuss for some time...to come to know what you are bringing to work with for the session; and then eventually you will take a position lying on my massage table.  i will offer you a hands on healing to work with your body and energy field--from this place there is an unlimited potential in what can be experienced and known.  afterwards we will take a brief time to share about the experience while you ground for a period of time before your departure.  and then will come a time of integration over the next hours and days.  when and if you choose to return for the next steps is up to you of course, and if you find yourself keen we can work out together more committed times for the work over the next weeks.

i work out of my home in north london/N11 2AR.  

i have a beautiful big fluffy dog, Khaleesi, so if you have concerns for dogs let me know and i can make arrangements for her.  

if you would like to book a session either in person or long distance please email me : leila.forsythe@me.com


WhatsApp me at : 00 44 7990 0025 30

each session is 60-90 minutes.

cost :  what you would like to donate for our journey together is up to you.  

         you can use the yellow "donate" button below



I will add as they arrive.  x Leila