The inspiration for the art paintings that are the fabric of this collection was a powerful awakening of my life force. My muse : the divine feminine. Both a sacred and sensual experience. This awakening affected every aspect of my life.  All conditioning was challenged.  Who I was and what I believed up to that point in my life was challenged.  Becoming more sensate, more adventurous, more daring, as who I am was being revealed more and more each day!  This artwork is that journey.  If you are drawn to a particular painting or legging...I am excited for you!  I know how powerful the transmission embedded in that fabric is!!!  x leila

The inspiration for this artwork was the Major Arcana of the Body Tarot.  For the past three years I have been collaborating with three other women on the creation of this avant-gourde tarot.  Taking on the artwork for such a powerful tool was a brave and deep experience.  The further we dove into that which makes us human, the further I was capturing this with paint and oil pastel...the deeper my learning of my own multi-dimensional nature and how that awareness effects every aspect of my life.  I look forward to which leggings you will choose!  Know that there is a deep meaning for you embedded into the fabric.  Imagine that whether you choose them or they choose you, what they stand for will support you in whatever is happening in your life!  To read more deeply into the meaning of your legging take a tarot deck.

Quantum Potential

Atlantean Light Code hand painted in gold onto Aqua Aura crystal pendants.  Each one unique.  Each Light Code destined for a specific person to transmit cosmic vibrational support in your remembering and the expression of your Life Task.  


by kids

I'm dedicated to give my kids a platform for their artwork and fashion as well!  They enjoy so much any time that one of their pieces sell!  All the profit goes to exercises to show them how their joy and expression can earn them spending money:)

x leila (and my kids)


bringing my artwork off my walls and onto my skin...sharing my inspiration and ever-unfolding life story in fashion...reflecting my life personallyemotionally and evolving collection after collection ...