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this website has been the utter reflection of my journey over the last year.

i have been in a transformative process of integration and centering and discovery of who "I" am alone while staying in relationship with all my dearest group collaborations.

what used to feel like disparate parts inside me have slowly unified into a central expression of who i am, what i care about, who i love to work with, and what i can offer up to this point.

leila magdalen was the name i chose to represent me. turns out that a name i rejected 22 years of my life came to have meaning when i left the united states. while living in qatar i came to learn that leila in arabic/hebrew means "night." and it wasn't until this last year that i really heard my mom when she told me that in the first weeks of my life my middle name was magdalena after mary magdalen. she changed it to louise, but i am reclaiming this original name as magdalen has come to be a very important guide in my life. darkness and the night and waking up to the magdalen has been a journey of awakening to who i really am. leila magdalen limited is the reflection of where i find myself in this next phase of my life drawing in all i have learned to this point and going anew.

again and again i find myself called back to the dark. back to creation and sexuality. back to the unconditioned. back and through over and over again consciously and unconsciously. 'leila wake up in the dark' is a message from my unconscious, from my greater connection, from my inner guidance, from the universe. this message calls me deeply into the sacred mystery of life. calls me to live in danger, live uncomfortable and live as fully as i possibly can.

i feel a lot of pleasure in putting this version of "me" out to the world. to share as much as i dare, as much as i am able to know; as much as i am able to moment to moment. is the whole, temple is the fashion line, is my private practice--together and more this comprises a part of my expression.

x leila

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