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What is the Divine me...??

What is The Divine Feminine…to me…??

to Know her requires Bravery….

it requires:

self trust & self responsibility

the ability to Truly be present in the unknown

the ability to continually let go

the ability to redefine every relationship i have with life again and again

the ability to honour the soul’s calling…even beyond logic at times

the capacity for an immense flow of aliveness, enlivening,


the ability to let go the idea of who i think i am - again and again

the cultivation of an awareness of multiple dimensions, field effects, archetypes, and cosmic consciousness

the cultivation of community

and it requires a new look at this body i move around with…to cultivate the truth that… My Body IS An Intelligent Being Itself & Is The Vessel For My Consciousness…my body has a specific wisdom and when the feminine current enlivens it…there is critical information to garner

You embark on a powerful journey when you reach out to hold the hand of the feminine and allow her to begin to guide you… She will wake you.

today I woke up and needed to be with this question…what is the divine feminine? as a way to consciously begin to write out my experience of this aspect of my life in order to come into a new way of relationship with “her;" as well as, honouring a longing to share with anyone who in interested to know. Hoping that maybe we extract something useful from the process. There is something about putting such ethereal concepts into words that is both challenging and useful. I have an incredibly deep and continual experience with this aspect of myself…and a calling to know to what end, why, for what purpose?

for me the experience of the divine feminine is like working on a jigsaw puzzle….but not just a regular puzzle — one that is rather a giant multi-dimensional, multi-life, interconnected, jig saw puzzle where pieces might fit together in hundreds of possible ways and first you have to go and find the pieces as they aren’t laid out before you…they could be in people and places--who knows, and you have no idea what you are putting together and when it is complete??… there are days when it seems like a joke and to give up and go back to a simple existence and damn it…find joy in that….but then it is unshakeable this great mystery and calling to keep piecing together because there are moments when — AHA! — all seems to make sense in what is revealed and that is an incredible feeling because a lot of life happened in order for it to be so….today honouring the impulse to write and to share is part of this for some reason as i have been in a suspension for weeks and tolerating a deep emptiness.

when we consider the great mystery of our life, when we open to the intangible, the esoteric, the mystical, when we whisper into the ears of our divine feminine flow for guidance…her wisdom is a force of nature that most of us do not have the tools in which to understand …as the way in which she shares her wisdom is not how we are accustomed to understand/ to receive. we live in a world fluent in the flow of life of the masculine that makes use of time, action, goals, thinking, structure, etc…our learning and education is that of a masculine model of structure. our culture and finance is built upon a masculine model of exchange. and we all know the rules and way of that. it gives us the social structure we experience every day. she is the balance to the masculine way of life. and yet to consciously welcome her wisdom into your cells, to begin a process of sourcing life from the unknown within and bringing into union the masculine and feminine currents of our nature -- is opening to the flow of life force and sexual energy ready to animate our unique essence. it is an opportunity for a new way of living and being lived by Life ... radically ...

when the current of the Divine Feminine begins to consciously be honoured in your life, you begin a process of awakening while at the same time a process of de-conditioning. you consciously begin a soul journey. in this type of soul journey you tap into the discovery of truly unlimited creative possibilities as well as the dark side. you find a place in yourself of empowerment that illuminates your unique path in this lifetime and draws towards you the community uniquely designed to call forth your inherent gifts. you will taste your absolutely unique gifts and it will be your responsibility to honour what you will begin to see as the truth of your life.

it’s an experience of life that once one’s awareness has been opened there is no return to what you might look back on as “so simple,” and yet their is more aliveness and connection than you thought possible. awakening to your life force and the force of life we are all interconnected to is an extremely powerful experience.

it’s an experience that continually transforms my life.

in a couple weeks I travel to Crete to assist in a workshop of the Divine Feminine. i have the privilege to collaborate with two women: Natalia and Sherry, that share a similar capacity to be with the divine feminine and LIVE, relate, learn and teach from this connection. destiny brought us together in this lifetime to hold open a unique portal of being alive. we learn a lot from each other’s journey, and we are there for each other as deeply and bravely as we can be. we have the immense pleasure each year to offer a workshop dedicated to experiencing life this “way.” it is amazing to witness the people who come be so brave and vulnerable as they become conscious of what holds them back from allowing this current to exist more fully in their life…and then to eventually see aliveness stream through their bodies and energy fields, which as that integrates in the days and months that follow the workshop there are always such beautiful personal stories of transformation, but there is not only those…sometimes such an experience brings up such transformation that is difficult for one to handle…and so this year we knew to extend the week to allow more space for integration together with the group and also creating a way to stay in connection after when their is need for support through any difficult transformational process…community is so essential to being with the divine feminine consciously. because community with those who understand what awakening is -- is essential to support passing through challenges that may present themselves.

this year i asked our team if we could focus the theme of the workshop on sacred sexuality because it was such an alive theme in each of our lives. and wow! there has been something dramatically new in the preparation for this years experience not only between us relationally, but in each one’s personal life experience. we all know that we are about to experience a powerful week…it feels one that we have been preparing for since we each originally met even… there has been massive amounts of disillusionment and de-conditioning present amongst us the last months…so much so that many times has been the feeling to give up. yet we continue to honour the transformational process as it is happening through us and choose to keep trusting…knowing that the capacity of staying with the discomfort is only possible because of our interpersonal, personal, and transpersonal relationship. we know that it is consciously choosing to keep passing THROUGH rather then turning away that is building up the container to hold this workshop and what will come beyond.

there feels so so much to say and be continued…xx

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