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An 8 Note Minor Scale Eraklion Chakra Overtone Drum


This Drum is waiting for its owner.  I am happy to go on to paint this for whoever it calls to.  Look forward to meet who you are and to see what will be revealed through the artwork of the drum!


For more information on the nature of this drum visit the maker's website at:

Eraklion Chakra Overtone Drum 8 Note Major

  • There are no returns for the drums.  As they are such personal pieces I trust that if you are called to have it, it is meant for you.  And in case there is any doubt I am happy to support you via a personal session in the wavering as such a powerful instrument will aid you in your personal development. Understanding that you may need more support sometimes as these organic vibrations will affect you on every level of your being.  

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